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    Bosch Ciso secateurs

    Bosch Ciso Secateurs  - lets-do-diy.com

    The labour saving Bosch Ciso secateurs allow gardeners to prune their trees and shrubs for long periods of time without typically ending up with sore hands, sore wrists and blisters.


    Weighing only 590 grams the Bosch secateurs are light, causing no strain on the wrist and the soft grip makes the secateurs comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

    There is an easy to reach trigger that activates the carbon steel blades into action.

    The Bosch Ciso secateurs are cordless so you have the flexibility to roam the garden without being restrained to a limited distance.


    The Bosch Ciso has an integrated 3.6 Lithium-ion battery that enables it to do, on average, 500 cuts before you will need to recharge.

    The blades are designed to cut soft wood with a 14mm diameter and hard wood with a 9mm diameter.

    Some batteries steadily lose their energy capacity when they are frequently recharged after not being fully discharged. The Bosch Ciso secateurs use Lithium-ion batteries, which has a ‘no memory effect’, it allows them to retain their full charge capacity and can be re-charged up to 4 times more than standard batteries.


    Adapting to the technique of these secateurs only takes a short time; however I did have a little bit of difficulty using them with gardening gloves on.

    The Bosch cordless secateurs had no problems cutting, as long as the branch fits between the ‘jaws’ of the secateurs, it made light work of both hard and soft wood.

    My only concern is that it seems to be rather too easy to fit a finger between the ‘jaws’. Therefore attention should be properly paid and they should be kept well clear of children. It would be quite easy to inadvertently lose a finger if not used correctly.

    The battery life was not a problem and I found that after a bin full of cuttings the battery showed no sign of dying. Eventually I ran out of branches to cut before the battery died.

    The battery only took 5 hours to charge and because it uses Lithium-ion technology, it can be recharged before the battery is fully discharged.


    The secateurs come in a smart tin that you can use for storage. A charger is also included.

    Manual / Guide:

    A manual is included along with a helpful guide advising what to prune at certain times of year.


    Having electrical secateurs seems like an extravagance, but I believe they are worth every penny. If you love pruning but have so much to do or find that your hands or fingers ache after an afternoon of pruning you will find this tool a fantastic buy.

    Star Rating 5.0 - lets-do-diy.com


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