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    Bosch PSR 18 cordless drill/driver

    Bosch PSR 18 Cordless Drill/Driver - lets-do-diy.com


    The Bosch PSR 18 cordless drill/driver is stylish, solid and relatively lightweight. It is also well balanced and feels comfortable to hold in the hand.


    The Bosch PSR 18 cordless drill/driver features a 10 ‘gear’ function. This allows you to control the power, preventing you from draining the battery on simple tasks, but if necessary giving enough 'umpf' when the going gets tough.

    There is a light that illuminates the drill bit while you are using it. This is useful, because it allows you to see where you are drilling before you start, and also it helps when you are working in a dark area.

    The cordless drill/driver also features two LED lights on top of the drill, one letting you know when the drill is rotating forward and one when the drill is in reverse.


    Sometimes with cordless power tools the battery can let you down, however the Bosch PSR 18 battery seems to last an age.

    To release the battery, simply press the battery release button and the battery drops out without any further force.

    The keyless chuck control is simple and effective.

    One potential issue I found was that the charger does not turn off when the battery is full, and accidentally leaving the battery on charge for more than 24 hours could damage it permanently.


    The drill comes in a case that allows you to safely transport or store the drill, batteries and charger without the risk of losing parts or causing damage.

    The Bosch PSR 18 cordless drill/driver is supplied with two batteries and the charging unit, allowing you to work for lengthy periods without interruption.

    Manual / Guide:

    It would have been helpful if the Bosch manual mentioned the proper battery charging times to prevent overcharging.


    Bosch products have an excellent reputation for their high quality standard, and this is no exception. The Bosch PSR 18 cordless drill/driver does exactly what it needs to, robust and powerful – from the 18V battery. It is a sturdy piece of kit.

    Star Rating 4.5 - lets-do-diy.com


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