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    Silverline Mixing Drill

    Silverline Mixing Drill Review - lets-do-diy.comThe Project:

    I was asked if I would test out a Silverline 600 watt low speed Mixing Drill for lets-do-diy.com.

    So with a small house to plaster and floors to tile, this would be a great time to try out the handy well designed power tool.

    With tile adhesive, undercoat and finish plaster to mix the tool was put to the test.


    As mixing drills go, this is a fairly simple design with basic controls set in a quite robust blue and silver casing.


    The Silverline Mixing Drill has a 600 watt motor with 0-800 rpm and a 13mm chuck that requires a key – the chuck key is provided.

    As far as the operating controls are concerned these consist of:

    • The trigger
    • Left and right drill rotation switch located above the trigger
    • A speed increase or decrease control situated on the trigger
    • And a lock switch next to the trigger

    There are also two handles to screw on into place for ease of use.

    With simple and easy to use operating features, comfortable handles and 600 watt motor, using the Silverline mixing drill was a pleasant and practical tool to use and it handled all the different materials used on the project with ease.


    I set the drill at half speed, added the plaster to the water in the mixing bucket and increased or decreased the speed as required. The Silverline Mixing Drill responded as required and created the mix efficiently.

    Manual / Guide:

    There was no manual enclosed in the box, but the operation of this drill is very simple - there is no need for one.


    A great tool fit for purpose, costing less than £35.00 and accompanied with a 3 year guarantee it is a bargain for DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike.


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