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    Silverstorm 1010w Hammer Drill

    One of the most essential items in anybody's tool kit is a power drill, this time at lets-do-diy we're checking out the Silverstorm 1010w Hammer Drill from Silverline.

    With over a 1010w of power this drill provides plenty of capacity for any project a diy’er is likely to tackle and it would also not be out of place in any tradesman’s tool kit. In tests the Silverstorm really whipped through all the selected materials, just make sure your drill bits are up to the task in hand. As an aside the wattage should reflect the robustness of the whole drill, a drill with higher wattage should have more robust bearings and gearbox, so if you intend to use a drill a lot then this is the type for you.

    Silverline 1010W Boxed Hammer Drill - lets-do-diy.comSilverline 1010W Hammer Drill Close - lets-do-diy.comSilverline 1010W Hammer Drill Button - lets-do-diy.com

    Silverline 1010W Hammer Drill - lets-do-diy.com

    The Silverstorm has two gears, which are changed mechanically. There is some speed control in the trigger which is useful for starting a hole carefully without slipping and causing any damage. A quick flick of the switch next to the trigger and reverse is selected to neatly withdraw from the hole.

    The keyless chuck has a 13mm capacity and has a maximum drill bit capacity of 30mm for wood, 20mm for concrete and 13mm for steel. This type of chuck makes changing the bit quick and simple and you won't be forever searching for the key but make sure the chuck is nice and tight before drilling to avoid slippage.

    For a big drill it handles well, it's nicely balanced and included in the case is a second, forward handle, essential for long use or using the hammer action, this is adjustable and can be used whether you're right or left handed. Combined in the forward handle is a depth rod, this enables you to set the maximum depth of the hole that you want to drill.

    Overall we think this is a straightforward professional looking, no nonsense drill with plenty of power and when you compare prices you'll see you're getting an awful lot for your money.