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    Cleaning shower curtain or door

    Summary: How to clean a shower curtain and how to clean a shower door or screen.

    Soap scum and dirt build up on shower curtains and shower doors easily. Before long you will have an unpleasant looking shower area. A few simple steps for cleaning the shower curtain or shower door will leave your shower looking sparkling and fresh.

    Cleaning a shower curtain

    • Detach the curtain from their rings and take down the curtain. Remove the rings from the rail if they require cleaning too.
    • Put the curtain in a washing machine; add white towels to help with the cleaning process. To get the best results use 1 cup of vinegar and one cup of bleach. Add the normal amount of laundry detergent with your wash, and the shower curtain will come out looking perfectly clean. Once clean, do not tumble dry, as the material is not suitable for this. Instead, hang up and allow to drip dry.
    • To prevent mildew and mould growth, soak the curtains in salt water, however this may leave salt crystals. Soaking the curtain in vinegar is another option. A good way of stopping mildew growth is to spread the curtain out as much as possible after use. For removal of mildew, wash in hot water with soap and a small amount of bleach.

    Cleaning a shower door or screen

    • Similarly, applying vinegar solution to a glass shower screen and scrubbing with a cloth, sponge or brush will remove the grime that builds up over time. However, for a more reliable job, there are many products on the market which will leave your shower sparkling clean.
    • Wiping the shower doors with a squeegee or dry towel after use will prevent the build up of soap scum and dirt.

    Cleaning a shower curtain video

    Cleaning a shower curtain - lets-do-diy.com

    Cleaning a shower door video

    Cleaning a shower door - lets-do-diy.com

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