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    How to clean a shower

    Summary: Learn how to clean a shower, cleaning the shower by cleaning the shower curtain, cleaning the shower door, cleaning shower tiles, cleaning the shower head and cleaning the drain.

    Showers accumulate all kinds of dirt and grime, and it is recommended you clean your shower often. To clean your shower effectively, you need to access hard to reach areas such as the corners, inside the shower head and the shower doors/curtains. You should remove everything from inside the shower before you are ready to clean.

    Cleaning a shower

    • Start the cleaning process by rinsing the surfaces of your shower with hot water. This is mainly just to remove the larger pieces of dirt, hair and grime and wash it down the drain.
    • Next, you need to remove all mould and mildew. This is most effectively done using a spray, which kills the bacteria and makes the mould and mildew easy to remove with a cloth. Once sprayed, leave it to sit for a few minutes before wiping clean. Mildew sprays are widely available from supermarkets and DIY stores.
    • When cleaning shower curtains and shower doors it is possible to use homemade ingredients such as vinegar. For more information, see How to clean the shower curtain or shower door.
    • Tiles can be cleaned fairly easily due to their smooth, flat surfaces. Run hot shower water to create steam, which will dampen the tiles and loosen the dirt. For further instructions, see How to clean tiles.
    • It may be necessary to clean your shower head, as build up of dirt can affect the water as it sprays out. This will require knowledge of taking apart the implement and how to clean it effectively. See How to clean a shower head for more information.
    • Lastly you need to clean the drain. This will require gloves, as a lot of grime, hair and other unpleasant dirt accumulates there. With a bin to hand, unscrew the drain cap and using a tool if possible, clear out all dirt. Keep pulling the hair out until the drain is clear.

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