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    How to clean decking

    Summary: Learn how to clean a deck and remove dirt from decking.

    When deciding on the correct cleaning products to use on your decking, you must see what type of dirt you are dealing with. You should not stain your deck without having cleaned it first. The steps below will give you clear examples of how this can be done.

    Cleaning decking

    • Start the cleaning process by sweeping all dirt and leaves off the decking.
    • If you have access to a jet wash, use it to spray the decks. This will be very effective at removing dirt form hard to reach places and saves a lot of scrubbing. It also wets the wood, which you will need to do before applying any solution. It is important you do not use a jet wash that is too powerful for the job. A machine smaller than 1500 psi with a wide fan jet should be appropriate for most deck cleaning jobs.
    • If you want to brighten up the timber decking, we recommend a weak solution of citric acid which will lighten the dull wood. Hydrogen peroxide is also a good option as it has other lightening uses and leaves no residues. Apply this using a spray or brush. Follow manufacturer’s instructions as products may vary.
    • When treating the fungal growth commonly found on timber decking, it is possible to use your usual garden fungicide. Though it is also possible to use a combined fungicide/insecticide which will kill unwanted insects in the decking as well as the fungi.
    • You should not use any chlorine based bleach on your decking. It may destroy mildew and algae, but it will also damage the lignin which holds the timber together.
    • Once the deck is clean, you can decide upon a long term treatment to enhance the colour and longevity of your decking. Once this process is complete, you should attempt regular cleaning of your decking. This is important to maintain the timber quality and prevents a build up of dirt and fungi which can eventually rot the wood.

    Cleaning a deck video

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