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    Installing a multi-socket mains adaptor

    Summary: Learn how to wire a multi-socket mains adaptor.


    A multi-socket mains adaptor eliminates the safety risk caused by trailing flexes. The multi-socket unit can accommodate six plugs and has a maximum power load of 3kw. However, the multi-socket mains adaptor must not be used for appliances that have heating elements such as hairdryers, irons etc, as they will cause an overload

    • Fit the adaptor in a suitable position on the wall or skirting board, if required.
    • Remove the first mini-plug from the unit and take off its cover.
    • Remove the old plug from your first appliance and cut three cores to the same length. Ensure there is enough wire exposed to fit into the terminal.
    • Connect the cores to the correct terminals: brown to live (L), blue to neutral (N) and green-and-yellow to earth (E).
    • Tighten the terminal screws, secure the flex under the grip bar and replace the cover.
    • Repeat this process with any other appliances.

    A multi-socket mains adaptor with mini-plugs.

    Wiring for a mini-plug is the same as a standard three-pin plug.

    Author: C J Mills Google+

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    Tools Needed
    • Insulated screwdriver
    • Wire cutters/strippers
    • Trimming knife
    Materials Needed
    • Multi-socket mains adaptor
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    Important note:

    The colour-coding system for electric cable changed in 2006, make sure you read Electric cable and flex to view the new information.