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    Chimney cap installation

    Summary: Learn how to install a fireplace chimney cap.

    Chimney caps are useful for two reasons. Firstly you may want to prevent hot particles burnt from the fire from escaping out of the chimney, and secondly you do not want animals climbing through the chimney and into your home. Capping your chimney may seem like a job for a professional, however, using the right safety equipment it can be easily achieved by the average DIY enthusiast.

    Installing the chimney cap

    • Firstly you need to decide on the type of chimney cap you want to have. Black steel caps have a good lifespan of approximately 10 years. However this can be affected by what you burn in the fireplace. Coal for example may reduce the lifespan a little. Stainless steel chimney caps are more expensive, but will last much longer as they are more resilient to the weather. You will need to take into consideration the size of the flue, so you know what size cap to purchase.
    • You now need to plan how you are going to access the chimney to fit the cap. If it is possible to access the roof using a ladder then you should also consider using a harness attached to the chimney and someone to hold the ladder steady while you complete the task. If you find that the roof is too difficult to access yourself; do not hesitate to contact a professional.
    • Now you are ready to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the cap. The tools you will be using should all be easily to hand. This is best achieved with a work belt.
    • As the drill may have a downward pull due to the power cord, you may find it easier to wrap the cord around the rungs of the ladder, freeing up the drill. Also when drilling holes in the chimney, do not drill into mortar as this will just crumble. Make sure you make any holes in the masonry.
    • Complete the installation of the chimney cap making sure any preparatory work that doesn’t strictly require you to be up the ladder is done at ground level.

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