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    Cutting a hedge

    Summary: Learn how to cut a hedge, cut a shrub and use a hedge cutter safely.

    Hedge cutting is always important if you want the rest of your garden to look tidy and well looked after. An over-grown shrub is instantly obvious, particularly in smaller sized gardens.

    How to cut a hedge

    During the spring and summer it is necessary to maintain hedges more regularly than in autumn and winter, as the growth of the plant is at its peak during the warmer months.

    • There are many different models of hedge trimmer. The one you should hire or purchase depends on the amount of work there is to do.
    • You should also take into consideration the species of plant you will be cutting. If there is a lot of hedge to cut, a larger, more powerful petrol trimmer is recommended. For smaller jobs, a cheaper electric trimmer may suffice. See our hedge trimmers project.
    • The blades of all trimmers should be sharp and primed for use. If you have an existing hedge trimmer, you may wish to have the blades sharpened before the spring growth. If the blades are not sharp enough they can make work harder and can cause some damage to the plant, making the cut ends turn brown and ugly.
    • When the machine is ready to be used, plan the access to all parts of the hedge. For any out-of-reach places, make sure there is a secure position for the ladder.
    • Start by cutting the sides of the hedge. To know what depth to cut the shrub, you may want to check the species of plant and see how resilient it is to cutting. Or if you regularly maintain your hedges, simply cut back to the previous cut.
    • Once you have cut the sides you can then cut the top. Make sure you do not lean into the hedge when cutting the top as this can damage the shape of the hedge.
    • Safety is a crucial aspect of using hedge cutters as the awkward positions you will find yourself in, combined with the danger that accompanies using a powered saw means that accidents can occur easily. As a minimum when handling powered hedge cutters, you should wear gloves and ear defenders. Goggles will prevent the flying pieces of wood and plant from hitting your eyes, plus thought and care should be taken when using a ladder.

    How to cut a hedge video

    Cutting a hedge video - lets-do-diy.com

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