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    Gravel path or driveway

    Summary: Learn how to do a gravel driveway or path, install the weed-proof membrane and lay gravel.

    Gravel paths are a popular and attractive addition to any garden. Quick and easy to construct, they are a good project for any DIYer to complete as minimal experience or knowledge is required. Gravel paths are suited best to more level, flat ground surfaces and require board edges to prevent gravel spreading over the garden.

    How to gravel driveway or path

    When choosing the type of gravel to use as the surface of your pathway, you will want to consider the drawbacks of using pea gravel and other small sized stones. Smaller sized gravel will tend to spread everywhere as it does not sit together as well as larger ones. Start by marking out the position of the path using pegs and string. If space allows, make the path wide enough for two people to pass each other.

    • Excavate the marked area with a spade to a depth of at least 100mm (4 in), then level the area with a rake. You may want to apply a liquid weed killer to help prevent any plant life growing up through the gravel.
    • Position treated timber edging boards along the side of your pathway and screw them to timber pegs inserted into the ground.
    • Now lay a weed-proof membrane along the base of the trench and make sure to overlap where the sheets join. You may wish to lay the membrane before you fix the timber edging so the membrane covers the edge of the pathway too.
    • Now lay approx 50mm (2 in) of hardcore onto the membrane surface to create a firm base for the gravel. Spread the hardcore as evenly as possible using a rake and compact firmly using a rammer or the flat head of a sledgehammer.
    • Lay the gravel on top and rake evenly. Add more gravel where required. You may need to add further amounts of gravel after a period of a few weeks once the surface has been allowed to settle.

    Secure wooden pegs with a rubber mallet and attach treated timber with screws.

    Spread 50mm of hardcore onto the membrane surface as evenly as possible.

    Lay a layer of gravel and using a rake make it level.

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