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    Hanging a gate

    Summary: Learn how to hang a timber gate on a masonry pier.

    Masonry piers are made of blocks of cut stone or bricks. You need to make sure they are in good condition before you hang a gate on them. For example, hanging a gate can be made much harder when the stone is rough. Make any necessary changes before you start. Make sure your hinges are not designed for wooden posts, as they will not be suitable for masonry piers.

    Hanging a timber gate on a masonry pier

    • Start off by placing the gate on a temporary bed of packing between the two piers in the correct central position.
    • Position it so it is approximately 50mm (2in) above ground level. Insert wedges on each side of the gate so it sits firmly and check the top rail is level.
    • At the hinge side of the gate measure 175mm (7in) down from the top rail, and 260mm (91/2in) up from the bottom of the gate, marking both points on the gate.
    • Transfer the measurements to the masonry pier and remove the gate.
    • Using a masonry bit, drill the holes for the hinges at these points. Firstly drill a pilot hole, then a larger one. The exact size will depend on the hinges you are using and the size of the screws needed to hold them in place.
    • Insert a plug and screw the hinges to the pier.
    • Reposition the gate. Then mark the position of the screw holes on the gate.
    • Drill the holes for the screws that will hold the gate to the hinges.
    • Screw the gate to the hinges making sure it swings cleanly and that the gap between the gate and the pier is even.
    • Finally fix the latch to the other side of the gate and the striker to the other pier.

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    Tools Needed
    • Tape measure
    • Power drill
    • Masonry bit
    • Spirit level
    Materials Needed
    • Plugs
    • Gate hinges
    • Screws
    • Gate latch and striker
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