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    Planning for a bathroom in a loft conversion

    Summary: Advice for creating a loft, discussing installing a bathroom or en suite in a loft conversion.

    Unless you have opted to extend the central heating system, plumbing work is only needed if the loft is being converted into a bathroom or a bedroom with en suite bathroom. If this is the case, it is a good idea to situate the new bathroom directly above the bathroom on the floor below, for this allows you to connect up to the existing waste pipe and water supplies without having to fit an excessive amount of new pipework.

    Bathrooms and en suites

    Converting the loft into a bedroom with en suite bathroom makes it unrealistic for a bath installed in the limited space available, while difficulties achieving the correct water pressure can rule out installing a conventional shower. Therefore it is no surprise the power shower is a common feature in this type of conversion. A power shower takes water directly from the cold water supply and uses an electric pump to provide a powerful flow of hot water every time it is needed. When designing your shower, remember that walk-in showers need a solid concrete base which is impracticable in most loft conversions, so it is advisable to opt for a shower tray.

    The position of the existing waste pipe governs the position of the toilet and Building Regulations only allow 2 metres to be added. The toilet must also be positioned so it can be fixed to the timber frame behind the plasterboard wall. Selecting a toilet fitted with an internal siphon overflow will save work as it eliminates the need of fitting an external overflow pipe. When deciding on a style of washbasin, it is well worth considering one that surmounts a vanity unit as the storage space it affords is ideal for towels, toiletries or even cleaning materials.

    Whether the bathroom is en suite or occupies the whole loft space, steam will need to be removed. An electric extractor fan will provide the most efficient form of bathroom ventilation.

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