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    How to paint concrete

    Summary: Learn how to paint concrete, prepare the surface, applying the primer and paint the finish onto concrete.

    Concrete is a dull, unattractive material making it unpopular to build with. However, it is possible to brighten a concrete surface to make it pleasant to have around simply by painting it with a good quality finish.

    Painting concrete

    You need to consider the colour and type of paint you will be using to cover your concrete surface with. You want to choose something that combines a good look with long lasting quality.

    • It is important to prepare the surface you are painting well. A well cleaned surface will last longer and look better than one that is not. Start by carefully scrubbing all trace of dirt and loose material. Old paint should be scraped off and any hard to remove grime scrubbed using a stiff brush and hot soapy water. You may require a degreaser for troublesome patches.
    • To further prepare the concrete for painting, you must check for moisture. If moisture is located in the concrete, it should not be painted over until it has been removed. You also need to check the surface of the concrete to see that any cracks that need filling in are appropriately fixed. Either a concrete patch or hydraulic cement is the best solution for any concrete repair. See how to repair concrete cracks.
    • A sealer needs to be coated over the entire surface area. This is an easily purchased masonry coating that allows the primer and paint to be applied onto. Leave the sealer to dry fully before continuing. See how to seal concrete.
    • Now you are ready to begin the paintwork. Start by applying a layer of primer. This is a base coat for the final paint finish to be applied on top. Use a roller or even better, a spray gun for an even application. Leave to dry.
    • Finally you can paint the finish of your choice onto the concrete surface. Again, use a roller or spray gun to achieve maximum quality. Apply more than one coat if necessary, leaving time between coats for the paint to dry.

    Painting a concrete floor video

    Painting concrete floor video - lets-do-diy.com

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