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    How to paint metal

    Summary: How to paint metal, prepare the surface for painting, prime metal ready for painting.

    With the correct preparation and painting products, metal surfaces can be made to look attractive with little effort. Depending on the use or location of the metal product or surface, you will need to decide what primer to use underneath the main coat of paint.

    Painting metal

    • Preparation is crucial, start by washing the surfaces and removing all dirt and loose rust. Use a wire brush to scrape away tougher grime and wash the metal with bleach to remove any mould.
    • Prime the surface with an oil based or anti-corrosive primer. If the surface you are painting is located in a bathroom or kitchen, you will want to use a mildew prevention primer. You may want to apply two coats for a secure, long lasting job.
    • Leave the primer for at least 24 hours to dry. It may seem as though the primer has dried earlier than this, however, this is a misconception as it needs a full day minimum before being ready to paint over.
    • You can now apply the finish to your metal surface. If you are only doing a touch up, make sure you are using the same finish as the existing one. Two coats of paint should be sufficient for a long lasting job.

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