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    How to use a wallpaper steamer

    Summary: Learn how to use a wallpaper steamer.

    Wallpaper steamers are very useful tools for removing wallpaper which is notoriously difficult to scrape from walls. The steam provided from the heated water runs through a tube which has a plate which allows you to apply the steam wherever you like. Make sure you have a suitable place to lay the steam plate down in between use. Wallpaper steamers can be bought or rented easily.

    Using a wallpaper steamer

    • Attach the plate to the hose and the hose to the main water containing unit. Fill the unit with water up to the level specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Plug the steamer into an electrical socket and allow it to heat up for as long as necessary.
    • When the steamer is ready to be used, it will be very hot so be careful and wear the correct protective clothing.
    • Score lines in the wallpaper using a scoring tool or a utility knife. This will make the wallpaper more easily removed in sections. Scoring is mainly necessary for wallpaper surfaces that are non-porous.
    • Press the steamer plate against the wall for a few seconds, allowing the steam to penetrate the paper and weaken the glue. Scrape the paper off in sections using a wallpaper scraper. Any tough bits can be steamed for longer if required.
    • It is recommended that you start from the top of a wall, working downwards. It is best to steam/scrape the ceiling last. A good technique is to hold the steamer on one area, whilst scraping a section already steamed.
    • Take caution when using a steamer around electric sockets and switches.

    How to use a wallpaper steamer video

    How to use a wallpaper steamer video - lets-do-diy.com

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