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    Painting a ceiling

    Summary: Learn how to paint a ceiling, tips and advice when painting a ceiling.

    As with all DIY projects, it is important to prepare well and use the best techniques for the job at hand. When re-decorating a room, the ceiling should normally be the first surface painted. Due to their odd angles and difficult positioning, ceilings are best painted using a roller as opposed to a paintbrush, as they cause less strain. However a paintbrush may be required for part of the job.

    Painting a ceiling

    • Start by removing all items that may get in the way whilst painting your ceiling. Remove curtains and their rails and the light fitting may also have to be taken down.
    • Now you need to wash the surface to make sure it is clean enough to be painted on. Grime and dust can accumulate over the years and will affect the paint if not removed sufficiently. Use either sugar soap or a suitable detergent of some kind to wash the ceiling with.
    • Check the ceiling for cracks and fill them in using a suitable filler product. Make sure the finish is flush with the original surface. Read manufacturer’s instructions to see how long the filler should be left to dry.
    • You should be ready to paint now that the ceiling surface has been prepared. The first areas of the ceiling to paint are the edges and corners and around the light fitting. This is known as cutting-in and should be done using a paintbrush. The reason for cutting-in is to prevent the roller from having to come too close to the edges of the ceiling as a roller is big and cumbersome and may mark the walls. It also adds to a neater finish.
    • Using the roller dipped in a sensible amount of paint, apply in a zigzag motion to the ceiling. When dipping the roller in the paint tray, apply the paint sparingly as too much will drip from the roller onto the floor or yourself. Apply the paint in 1 metre square sections to keep it neat and manageable.

    Painting a ceiling video

    Painting a ceiling video - lets-do-diy.com

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