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    Plaster ceiling rose

    Summary: Learn how to put up a plaster ceiling rose, polystyrene ceiling rose, prepare the ceiling surface and prepare the ceiling rose.

    Ceiling roses are attractive decorative mouldings positioned in the middle of the ceiling. A light fitting is usually fed through the middle of a ceiling rose and hangs below it, giving the room a period feel.

    Putting up a ceiling rose

    You will want to decide what material your ceiling rose is to be. Polystyrene is a cheaper, lighter option, or you may want a plaster rose. Plaster is heavier and more troublesome to install.

    • Before you start anything, make sure you turn off the electricity and that you are able to re-wire the light fitting. Do not attempt any work on your electrics without having the correct experience or professional help.
    • Some plaster roses are not made with the hole for the wires to pass through, so you may need to drill a hole.
    • Prepare the ceiling surface on which the rose will be mounted. Make it clean so the adhesive will stick properly. The heavier the rose you are fitting, the stronger adhesive you will require. Coving adhesive works well, you can also use high quality cartridge adhesive, always make sure you are using the correct glue for the job before any attempt is made.
    • When applying the adhesive to the rose, make sure spread the right amount in the correct places. The back of ceiling roses are often concave underneath, so only apply to the high parts that touch the ceiling. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions before you attempt this part.
    • Once you have applied the adhesive to the rose, position it on the ceiling. Remember to pass the electric wires through the hole. To hold the ceiling rose in place while it is bonding, either insert a couple of plasterboard screws and fill in the holes afterwards, or use an extended prop to secure its position.
    • Turn on the electrics again, and leave to dry for at least a day before you attempt to paint your newly fitted ceiling rose.

    Plaster ceiling rose video

    Plaster ceiling rose video - lets-do-diy.com

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