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    Removing a wallpaper border

    Summary: Learn how to remove wallpaper borders, remove a wallpaper border using a hair dryer, using soapy water or by using a wallpaper steamer.

    Borders added to a room for décor purposes can be difficult to remove. This is due to the strength of the adhesive, plus the fact that wallpaper is always tricky to remove. Using the correct method, however, should make this job quite simple.

    Removing wallpaper borders

    • When first attempting to remove the wallpaper border, you should try the simplest method to see if it works. This is to gently heat the wallpaper with a hair dryer and pick the edges of the paper to see if it can be peeled off. Sometimes this will work, however if the adhesive is too strong, it won’t.
    • If the first method fails, you should try warm water and a plastic scraper. Spray the warm water onto the area using a spray gun and scrape away the paper. If it is not budging as quickly as you would like, then try adding more water with a sponge. Add a little soap if necessary. You may find that certain types of wallpaper material will not allow the water to penetrate. If this is so, perforate the paper with a wallpaper scorer to allow the water to soak the adhesive.
    • The best and most powerful way of removing all kinds of wallpaper is to use a steam stripper. These can be hired or bought and are easy to use. Simply fill the water container with water and plug into a socket. Leave the steamer to heat up for the recommended time. Once the steam is being produced, place the plate through which the steam will exit onto the area you want to scrape. The heat of the steam will shortly make the wallpaper easily removable with a scraper. See how to use a wallpaper steamer.
    • When the wallpaper has been removed, you will need to wash the walls down and check that all trace of adhesive is gone. Leave the wall to dry for a good period of time. Leaving the wall overnight is a recommended amount of time before it is ready to be worked on again.

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