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    Removing rust from metal

    Summary: How to remove rust from metal, paint over rust and prevent further rusting.

    Rust can easily build up on metal surfaces. Garden furniture, ornamental objects or even tools and bicycles can be affected. Not only is rust unattractive, it can also cause metal to completely corrode and disintegrate. However there are ways that rust can be treated or even prevented from attacking metal surfaces in the first place.

    How to remove rust from metal

    • Firstly you will need to purchase a rust removal product. This is usually a liquid that can be mixed with water. Depending on the type of rust remover you purchase, you may simply only have to immerse the rusted areas in the solution or you may need a wire brush to aid in cleaning the rust off. A cloth is required for wiping the surface down afterwards. Follow manufacturer's instructions on how to use the rust remover.
    • Using the rust remover mixed with water, scrub the metal with the wire brush. Make sure to remove all rust. A circular scrubbing motion is quite an effective method.
    • Once satisfied that all the removable rust has gone, wipe the whole surface down and leave to dry.
    • If the metal surface is an outdoor piece, you may want to spray it with a rust proof primer and rust proof paint. This will prevent any corrosion affecting the metal in any weather conditions. See painting metal.

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