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    Gas Safe Register

    Summary: Gas Safe register guide, Gas Safe Registered engineers and how the Gas Safe Resister affects you, the consumer.

    Gas Safe Register guide

    All individuals carrying out gas work legally must be qualified to do so, and must carry a Gas Safe Register ID card. The dangers of not having a safe, working gas system mean that it is of utmost importance that all work must be done correctly to avoid risking lives. Carbon monoxide poisoning due to poorly maintained gas systems is a very real threat and claims lives every year.

    The Gas Safe Register only allows the ID cards to be carried by those qualified, so those unqualified are unable to practise legally and so should not be able to practise at all. It replaced the CORGI registering system in 2009.

    Always check the ID of the engineer before they start work.

    How the Gas Safe Register affects you

    All gas engineers should be qualified, however if you do not ask to see their ID card, then you are running the risk of employing an unqualified individual to carry out work. Even if you are not sure that the card is genuine, you can check online to see if they are qualified or not by accessing the gas safe register website and inputting their ID number, which should be on the card. The site will process this number and instantly tell you if the person is legally practising gas work or not.

    Due to the fact that not all gas engineers are allowed to do all types of work, you should also check that the work they are carrying out is a job that they are legally allowed to do.

    Gas Safe Registered engineers

    To find engineers in your area that are qualified and are on the Gas Safe Register, you can access the Gas Safe Register website where a service or alternatively a telephone number is supplied. Always check the ID of the engineer before they start work even if you have found their information on the website, just as a precaution, as you will be able to match the individual to the photograph on the card.

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