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    Tiling on tiles

    Summary: Learn how to tile on tiles, make sure tiles are secure, clean tiles and lay new tiles over tiles.

    Often people are unsure as to whether it is possible to re-tile a wall by fixing new tiles onto existing ones. It is possible to tile over tiles, however the weight of the new tiles should not be so much that it causes the old tiles to become unstuck. You will need to check that the old tiles are firmly attached to the wall otherwise the new ones cannot be added.

    Tiling over tiles

    One of the problems that can occur with having two layers of tiles is the fact that the increased thickness of the wall can make it difficult to finish around architraves or doors/windows and can obstruct electrical sockets.

    • One way of checking that the tiles are securely fixed onto the wall and safe to be tiled over is to gently tap them. If a tile sounds hollow then it is possible that the tile is not fixed as well as may be necessary.
    • Once you are satisfied that your original layer of wall tiles are secure and strong enough to be tiled over, you need to clean the surface in preparation.
    • You will need to de-grease the surface using sugar soap. This is a mixture of liquid soap which has granules in it to aid in the cleaning process. This can be bought from a most DIY stores. Use the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • The next stage is to apply the new tiles onto the old ones. A good tip for helping the new tiles to stick is to use a small mix of sand and PVA adhesive and apply it to the original layer of tiles. When the PVA is dry, the tile adhesive will have no problem gripping the surface.
    • When you lay the new tiles, do not position them in line with the old ones. Stagger the tiles so they cover the joins.
    • Follow instructions on how to ceramic tile.

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