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    Cutting acrylic

    Summary: Learn how to cut acrylic, cut acrylic using a saw and cut acrylic plastic without a saw.

    There are several different types of saw that can be used for cutting through acrylic. Using a fine bladed hand saw such as a fret saw or a hack saw is a common method. If you are looking for a particularly straight and easy cut, power saws such as the band saw or jig saw would be a good idea.

    Circular saws with a blade fitted for cutting plastic is probably the best option for a quick and easy cut with best results.

    Cutting acrylic plastic

    There is another way to cut acrylic, which can be done using minimal tools or experience. The instructions below explain how to cut the plastic using a scribing knife.

    • Having measured and drawn a line where you want the cut, clamp a straight piece of wood along the edge to act as a straight edge. This will make sure that you do not cut away from the line by accident.
    • Use a scribing knife (a knife such as the Stanley knife would suffice) to score along the line of the straight edge. Repeat this several times, though remember you are not trying to cut all the way through the plastic.
    • Once the line has been scored sufficiently, hang the smaller section of the plastic over the edge of a worktop, and clamp in place. Press down on the part hanging over the edge and snap it off as cleanly as possible.
    • Using a hacksaw blade, scrape the edge of the newly cut piece to tidy it up. Then using a 10-12 inch cut file, rub away the tool marks. If required, use a sanding block with 120 grade sandpaper to make the cut section smoother and neater.
    • If you desire a perfect finish, you can buff the acrylic using a power buffing tool to give it a polished shine.

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