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    How to fit a cat flap

    Summary: Learn how to install a cat flap into a door.

    When deciding to install a cat flap to your door, you must first consider the door type and whether a DIY approach is suitable. For example, if you want the cat flap to be fitted into a glazed door, a professional glazier should be hired to install it for you.

    Whilst purchasing PVCu doors, it is possible to request that the company installs a cat flap for you prior to delivery. This should be at a nominal cost.

    Before starting anything, ensure you have all the necessary equipment. You will need to purchase a cat flap; the fittings will be included with it.

    Installing the cat flap

    • Firstly, draw the shape of the cat flap around the template that comes included with the product. It is recommended the bottom of the hole should be level with your pet's stomach. The average height is 10 to 15 cm, or 4 to 6 inches from the floor.
    • Drill four pilot holes, one in each corner of the line you have drawn. Make sure the drill bit is slightly wider than the jigsaw blade.
    • Use the electric jigsaw to cut along the lines, making sure you cut square to the door to enable the cat flap to fit neatly and not leave any gaps around the edges that will prevent it fitting sufficiently.
    • Measure the cat flap against the hole and make sure it fits well.
    • Mark the necessary number of screw positions on the door and drill the holes. Be sure to select the appropriate sized screws for the door.
    • To give the cat flap a neat finish, you can fit screw caps to conceal them.
    • For wall installations - make a suitably sized hole in the wall and line it with 3/4" plywood or similar material to take the screws. You can follow the instructions for removing a brick, but make sure the hole is above the damp proof course in the wall.
    • If the cat flap has been installed correctly, it should move freely and securely.

    How to fit a cat flap video

    How To Fit A Cat Flap Video - lets-do-diy.com

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