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    How to use a circular saw

    Summary: Learn how to use a circular saw, changing the blade on a circular saw and using a circular saw safely.

    Circular saws combine simplicity with effectiveness. Suitable for beginners, the circular saw will give the user an accurate straight cut in all types of timber. The blade you use is the key to achieving the best results, so depending on the quality of the finish you desire and the density of the timber you are cutting, you should choose either a finer or a tougher blade.

    Using a circular saw

    • For the average job, which neither requires a perfectly neat cut or a strong blade to cut through thick wood, you should use a 24 tooth blade. To increase cutting quality, you may wish to use a 60 tooth blade.
    • To change a saw blade you must unplug the machine first or remove battery. Then locate and press the blade lock to prevent the blade from turning. Using a spanner, loosen the nuts that holds the blade and remove the blade from the machine.
    • Attaching a new blade is equally as simple. Firstly make sure the blade is the correct way round. This is done by checking the instructions on the blade itself. If in doubt, a circular saw rotates anti-clockwise, so the teeth nearest to the front of the saw should be facing upwards. Lift the blade guard and insert the blade in position. Re-attach the bolt and tighten the nuts.
    • Prepare the piece of timber you wish to cut by marking the line. Then with the saw still unplugged, adjust the blade depth lever so it just clears the depth of the piece you wish to cut.
    • Then line up the blade with the marked wood so it is in position and ready to saw.
    • If you are cutting a long piece of timber, you will need to make sure the cut stays straight and does not wobble. To do this you will need to clamp a guide onto the timber you are cutting, so the saw can run along without moving away from its intended position.
    • Now you are ready to cut, make sure you are wearing gloves and protective goggles and earplugs.
    • Plug in the saw and switch on. Make sure the blade is slightly on the scrap piece side of the cutting line. Start the saw and run carefully along the line until you reach the other end.

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