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    Using a nail gun

    Summary: Learn how to use a nail gun, making sure you use the correct nail gun safely.

    A nail gun is a pneumatic machine used widely in the building trade for driving nails or staples into timber or other material in order to fasten it in place. The idea of using a nail gun is to save time and effort using a hammer, which can be tiring, laborious and on occasion it can be difficult to penetrate tough materials.

    How to use a nail gun

    Nail guns are most commonly powered by compressed air which is used to drive the nail out with great force; however some are powered by a combustion power source.

    • When using a nail gun, you should consider safety first. Very serious injuries can occur if an accident should happen, so always concentrate fully and follow manufacturer’s safety advice for the particular gun you are using.
    • There are a range of nail guns, with some being more powerful than others. The most powerful guns are used by trained and very experienced builders who are qualified to use them. DIY enthusiasts should not attempt to use guns that are too powerful.
    • You should consider the type of fixing you want to use with your nail gun. Tacks, nails, pins, staples and other varieties are available depending on the job you have at hand. There are also headless fixings that can be used so you do not need to fill in before decorating over.
    • Nail guns need to be up against the surface of whatever you are nailing in order to engage the trigger action. The gun will not work unless the trigger is engaged as a safety precaution; if a nail was fired loosely it could seriously injure or kill a person.
    • Before starting to nail objects, make sure the power is activated such as a compressor, electricity or gas cylinder.
    • Then press the gun up against the object and without jerking it, fire the fixing into the target. Add as many fixings as you need before you think it is secure.
    • Always turn off the power supply once you have finished using the gun and remove the nails or fixings from the machine before storing it safely in its case.

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