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    Using wood filler

    Summary: How to use wood filler, use waterproof wood filler, use grain wood filler and use wood putty.

    Wood filler is used to fill cracks or gaps in timber. There are different varieties for the different uses and environments. Outdoor jobs should require epoxy based or other waterproof filler, indoor jobs can be filled using most other varieties such as solvent or water based fillers. Water based fillers are odourless, which may be more suitable. For larger jobs or hardwood flooring jobs, use grain filler.

    Wood filler

    • The surface which you are working on will need to be cleaned before you can apply any filling products. Scrape loose wood bits away from around the crack.
    • Once clear, apply the filler product according to the type you are using. If you are using grain filler (used for larger/floor areas), use a trowel to spread it into the gap. Leave the filler slightly raised above the level of the surface you are working on. When dry, sand the gap and wipe away any dust with a damp cloth. Stain the wood to match the original surface.
    • All other types can be spread using a putty knife or similar implement. Spread into the gap but make it slightly above the level of the surface as the filler will shrink slightly as it dries. Leave to dry for the length of time the manufacturer’s recommend.
    • Sand the newly filled gap when it has dried using fine sandpaper. It is possible to buff the wood using steel wool to improve the finish. Wipe away any dust with a damp cloth.
    • Now finish the filled surface to match the existing area. Make sure whatever you are using as your finish complies with the filler product you have used.

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