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    Flexible sealant is used to finish joints and fill gaps and holes. Most sealants are waterproof and have silicone as one of the principal constituents. Sealants are generally supplied in cartridges that are applied using a sealant dispenser. Sealants are available for different environments and for specific jobs, so always make sure you have the correct one for the job you are doing. The manufacturer's instructions must be followed when using sealant, as the chemicals used in their manufacturing can be dangerous. Always work in a well-ventilated room and avoid contact with the eyes and skin.

    Interior sealant

    A flexible sealant designed for indoor work only.

    Exterior sealant

    For outdoor use, weatherproof sealants are available.

    All-purpose sealant

    The ideal sealant for DIY purposes as it can be used for many different jobs, indoors and outdoors.

    Floor sealant

    A flexible, waterproof sealant used for filling gaps and joints around wooden and laminate flooring. The different colours available allow you to match to the colour of your flooring.

    Bathroom and kitchen sealant

    A job specific sealant for sealing around washbasins, baths, sinks, and work tops. This type of sealant will contain a fungicidal compound to prevent mould forming.

    Sanitary sealant

    Another job specific sealant for sealing the joints around sanitary ware.

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