DIY 'can help improve buyers' first impressions

Attractive Properties - lets-do-diy.comA touch of DIY could help homeowners make their property more attractive to prospective buyers.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Russell Jervis, director of estate agent Haart, reminds those looking to sell their property that "good first impressions are vital".

Indeed, he claims that some would-be buyers will have already made up their minds on whether or not they wish to purchase a house before they have even taken a step through the front door.

Consequently, Mr Jervis claims that taking the time to spruce up the outside of a home and getting rid of any unnecessary clutter could help viewers imagine what it would be like to live in a home without thinking they have to have carry out too much work on it first.

Speaking last month, Jill Fenwick - an award-winning garden designer - claimed that carrying out DIY in the garden can not only make a property stand out to prospective buyers but also boost a home's overall value.

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