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    Using wall plugs

    Summary: Learn how to use wall plugs, choose the correct wall plug, fix the wall plug and drive screw into wall plug.

    Wall plugs are commonly used for attaching screws firmly into masonry. This may be necessary for fixing mirrors or other fittings you want held onto your wall. The different coloured plugs correspond to the size of screw and hole. Make sure you know which type to use, as incorrect plugs will not match the screws, thus making them useless.

    Fixing a wall plug

    • Once you have got the correct wall plug, mark the length of the plug on the drill bit with some tape.
    • Make sure the wall does not have electrics or water pipes where you are drilling. Use an electronic pipe and cable detector for this.
    • Plaster may become damaged if it is old, so for particularly flaky plaster drill a little further into the wall to ensure the wall plug is beneath the plaster level when you come to inserting the screw. It is not recommended you use the hammer action on the drill as this may also cause damage to plaster.
    • Hold the piece you want fixed on the wall and mark with a pencil where you will need the screw to be. Drill a hole into the wall carefully and level.
    • When you have drilled to the desired depth, hammer the plug in gently. Again make sure the plug is beneath the level of the plaster if you are concerned the wall may flake. When the screw is inserted into the plug, the expansion may cause the plaster to break.
    • Finally fix the screw into the plug using an electric screwdriver if possible to avoid disturbing the plaster.

    Author: C J Mills Google+

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