How to remove glass scratches

Summary: Learn how to remove a glass scratch and repair marks on glass.

A scratch on a glass window or other glass product can be very unsightly and annoying. Luckily they are not too difficult to remove. You will need to get hold of an electric buffer to achieve the best results. These can be purchased from most good DIY stores. You will also need jewellers rouge (Cerium Oxide) and lamb’s wool (used as the polishing pad). If the scratch is particularly deep, it is possible to use a resin to fill it in. These are available from car accessory shops.

Removing a glass scratch

  • Apply a small amount of jewellers rouge onto the lamb’s wool polishing pad.
  • Wearing the correct safety equipment of goggles and dust mask, start buffing the scratch with the electric buffer with polishing pad attached at medium speed only.
  • Depending on what glass product you are working on, be careful not to apply too much pressure as the scratch may have made that area of the glass weaker than normal.
  • It is possible to buff the glass by hand if the scratch is in an awkward position. This though is quite a physical challenge and will not achieve the results that an electric buffer can.
  • Now you need to apply a solution of ammonia and warm water to the scratch. This is used to clean the area you have just buffed and remove the shiny surface. You will need ½ an ounce of ammonia to 2 cups of warm water.
  • Wipe away with tissue paper or lint free cloth.
  • If the scratch is still prominent, you can repeat the process. However, if the scratch still does not subside, then you may require a professional to complete the job.

Removing glass scratches video

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