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    How to use a mitre saw

    Summary: Learn how to use a mitre saw, cut angles in wood with a mitre saw and safety precautions when using a mitre saw.

    Mitre saws are used for making angled cuts that are difficult to make accurately using other methods. A good example of a situation where an angled cut is required is for picture frames or skirting board. The mitred edges need to be perfect in order to be joined together properly.

    Using a mitre saw

    A mitre saw is similar to a circular saw but allows the position of the saw to be moved allowing a cut that might normally be reserved for a mitre box and saw.

    • Firstly, measure the angle of the cut that needs to be made for the job you are undertaking. Make sure it is completely accurate, as angles can be difficult to get perfect, and mistakes will be noticeable.
    • Safety is important as the saw is a dangerous piece of machinery if not used correctly. Gloves and safety goggles are a minimum. It is also recommended that you wear ear defenders.
    • It is best to practise on a piece of scrap wood before you attempt the proper cut, to check the angles are correct and also to get used to using a mitre saw. Start by rotating the saw table to the position that you think is correct for the cut. There is a measuring function on the saw so you can select an angle.
    • Mark the same angle on a piece of scrap wood. Position the wood onto the cutting table up against the guide and without turning the machine on, lower the blade onto the wood.
    • If the blade is perfectly in line with the mark on the timber, then you are able to cut, however, you may need to make adjustments to the saw table in order to correct the alignment.
    • When ready to cut, ensure the safety guards are in place and that the saw table is locked in position. Turn the saw on and allow it to reach full power before carefully bringing the saw down on the practise timber. Once this has worked, you can attempt to cut the good piece.

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