Stretched fabric 'great' for DIY decoration

Stretched fabric 'great' for DIY decorationDIY enthusiasts have been advised to use stretched fabric as decoration around their home, by a design expert in the United States.

Tina Barseghian, writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, suggests art projects can easily have a do it yourself flavour.

She says adding artwork to the walls of decorative projects does not need to be an expensive exercise - and can cost as little as a few pence.

Ms Barseghian says those without a budget to add artwork to their homes can fill the void by "taking a swath of fabric and carefully pulling it over a wooden frame".

She suggests" vintage maps, pages from old biology and chemistry books, or ... old childrens' books" as potential DIY solutions for those with an artistic flavour.

This advice follows an article written by a greener lifestyle expert this week claiming that by performing DIY tasks around the home, people gain a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

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