Carlisle station on track for a unique makeover

Homebase Carlisle Station - lets-do-diy.comCarlisle Citadel train station is receiving a radical makeover this week as part of a campaign from national DIY retailer Homebase to transform spaces across the UK. The station, which is more than 150 years old and services 1.7 million passenger journeys a year, is getting a dramatic renovation that will see it take on a more inspirational feel.

A team of people have been involved in the impressive transformation, turning the waiting room into a lounge, creating a garden on one platform, painting the connecting bridge and even installing a kitchen. 260m2 of wallpaper has been used along with 1800 litres of paint and 1500m2 of flooring. The station will be lit with hundreds of lights and lamps and will be able to seat an extra 135 people with the introduction of cosy sofas, stylish chairs and garden furniture. The whole process will be filmed for a national advertising campaign to appear in the spring and summer starring local Carlisle people as extras.

The aim of the Homebase activity is to inspire and encourage people to transform their own homes and gardens. Upon completion this Saturday (20 February), passengers will be able to experience the new-look station over the weekend for themselves, taking a seat on a sofa, picnicking on garden furniture or stopping to admire the foliage.

Rebecca Brock, brand controller at Homebase says: "We want to show people how simple it is to transform their homes and gardens and give them the tools and advice they need to go and make anywhere a home. We've started by giving Carlisle train station a makeover as an example of what can be achieved."

Homebase will be making over other spaces across the country starting from next month and will ask the public to make suggestions on where they would like to be transformed.

Homebase Carlisle Station - lets-do-diy.comBrock continues: "We wanted to do something inspirational that would be seen by lots of people going about their daily lives and a train station is ideal for this. Carlisle has a station with lots of contrasting areas where we could really show people what can be achieved, so it was the perfect space to start this campaign that will also transform spaces across the rest of the country."

Carlisle station manager, Ann Turner, says: "We're very proud of our new look station. Response from the passengers has been great. We've noticed people arriving a little bit earlier to allow extra time to enjoy the station and take it all in."

The advertising featuring Carlisle station and some of the city's locals will be on TV from March.

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