DIYnot for everyone

Lady Doing DIY - lets-do-diy.comAn increase in the number of home owners calling out tradesmen for quotes has increased by 122% year on year according to

The quotes are for more traditional crafts such as stonemasonry and carpentry, skills that are not easy for the average DIYer., the UK's largest website for finding trades people, believes the reason for the increase is because homeowners have been inspired by home improvement and property shows on the TV. As people learn about the benefits of the traditional home improvements, they seek a professional to do the job as a fair amount of skill and craftsmanship is necessary to complete the project.

Andrew Skipwith, CEO and Founder of said: "The increase in requests for stonemasons recommended by others is likely to be down to the growing trend in using more traditional features on homes and the increase in number of people building their own homes. It is more important that the aesthetics of a traditional project are correct so most quite rightly opt for a professional to do the job as quite a lot of skill and craftsmanship is necessary to get the right result."

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