Twist-it watering can

Twist It Watering Can - lets-do-diy.comEvery gardener has a list of essential equipment and one at the top of that list is the watering can. Frequently awkward to lift and difficult to pour, it is a garden product that is often associated with necessity. Sankey, leading UK manufacturer of garden and horticultural products, has rethought the watering can and designed a product that is a joy to use.

The Twist-it Watering Can is an innovative design that allows you to water containers, beds and pots more effectively and with increased comfort. The unique pivoting handle adjusts as you pour, providing you with more control and requiring less effort. In true Sankey style, every aspect has been considered. The adjustable rose turns through 180 degrees and gives you the option of sprinkling delicate plants, or pouring to allow for drenching. When tending to a variety of plants, this feature allows a level of flexibility that will make daily watering a pleasure.

Watering cans use less water than hoses and offer more individual watering. For containers both indoors and out, the 10 Litre Sankey Twist-it Watering Can will revolutionize the way in which you water. Combined with a Sankey Water Butt, considerable savings can be made in both natural resource and your water bill. Rain water is the purest option for tender summer plants, containing less mineral salts and metal deposits than mains water so it makes sense to make the most of this free resource.

Part of the Fiskars group, Nottingham-based Sankey, a company of 155 years standing, is committed to investing in design and practices.

The 10L Twist-it Watering Can is available in Black with a RRP of £14.99. For further information please telephone 0115 927 7335 or visit

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