Modern boilers 'eliminate carbon monoxide risk'

Modern boilers 'eliminate carbon monoxide risk'Homeowners can eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by installing modern energy-efficient boilers.

Richard Clarke, chairman of the plumbing and heating firm 1st Action, said people do not pay enough attention to dangers of carbon monoxide.

"You can't smell it, you can't see it and you can't know it's there, but it can kill you. It's as simple as that," he stressed.

He said having a modern boiler that is regularly serviced by a professional is sufficient to remove the risk to those living in the property.

Mr Clarke said research carried out by 1st Action showed that more than a quarter of homeowners would have their boiler services by an unqualified tradesperson if it meant they could save money.

His comments follow on from Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, which ran from November 15th to 19th and was supported by the Health and Safety Executive.

Any engineer carrying out work on gas appliances or fittings must by law be Gas Safe-registered.

Posted by Thomas Morris

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