DIY enthusiasts advised to try paint testers first

DIY enthusiasts advised to try paint testers firstWhen painting a room a new colour, it is advisable to try out testers first, as this can give a better indication of how the finished project will look.

According to an article in the Shropshire Star's DIY section, printed colour charts are not always accurate and paint can look entirely different once it's on the wall.

The publication recommends applying tester paint to pieces of paper and attaching these to the chosen wall, rather than painting the wall itself.

It points out that if darker paint is applied too thickly, it may be difficult to cover up and could show through underneath the final paint job.

Furthermore, painted paper is easier to move from wall to wall, giving homeowners a better idea of how the room will look.

"It's vital to view your tester patches in both natural and artificial light," the article added. "A colour can change in different lights and you don't want to be disappointed once you've chosen it and are living with it."

Finally, the newspaper pointed out that paints containing natural pigments can vary in colour from batch to batch, so when buying the final colour choice, homeowners should make sure all their pots come from the same batch.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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