Interior design firm unveils 2011 DIY trends

Interior design firm unveils 2011 DIY trendsAn interior design firm in the US has revealed what it believes will be some of the top DIY home improvement trends for 2011.

In an article for Building Online, the executive vice president at Case Design/Remodelling said LED lighting will be popular in the coming year.

Indeed, Bill Millholland said homeowners are moving away from incandescent lighting fixtures towards more energy-efficient choices such as LED bulbs.

He also predicted changes in kitchen design as consumers opt for multiple finishes on cabinetry to escape the "cookie cutter" look where all surfaces match.

Varied cabinet and counter heights, distressed finishes and furniture-style toe kicks will all provide visual interest in the kitchens of 2011, the expert insisted.

Moving on to bathrooms, Mr Millholland said large tiles will replace smaller ones, while heated flooring will become a common fixture.

"The remodelling industry is poised for substantive growth in 2011 due to the number of options available to homeowners wanting to revive their living space," he remarked.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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