Painting an easy holiday DIY task

Painting an easy holiday DIY taskHomeowners eager to get stuck into some DIY before they go back to work in the New Year could consider repainting.

In an article for, home improvement expert Jay Baker said painting is the perfect DIY task for the holidays.

He pointed out that a room can be painted a brand new colour in just one day, enabling families to bring their homes up to date for 2011.

According to Dutch Boy Paints, nature-inspired greens and warm golds will be hot colour trends next year.

Speaking to the GateHouse News Service, a representative for the company said windswept and washed effects will also be popular.

Mr Baker advised anyone considering a New Year painting project to carry out a colour check on the walls of their chosen room first, as paints can look very different depending on lighting and surrounding hues.

"So many people find something they love at the store but they bring it home and it's not right in their room," he explained.

Posted by Thomas Morris

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