Anti-germ paint

Tor Coatings has teamed up with antimicrobial specialist SteriTouch® to launch Anti-Germ Paint under the established Rust-Oleum brand.

The first of its kind in the domestic market, Anti-Germ Paint offers a scrubbable, easy clean finish, further enhanced by SteriTouch® safe silver technology. The natural antibacterial properties of silver contained within the paint ensure that interior walls and ceilings will benefit from continuous protection against harmful bacteria and mould.

With research demonstrating that mould in the home can cause respiratory symptoms before it is even detectable on a surface, Anti-Germ paint is especially suitable for children's bedrooms and areas typically prone to mould such as bathrooms. With independent tests demonstrating a 99.99% reduction in E.Coli and MRSA compared to standard paints, it is also ideal for kitchens and other hygienic environments.

Available in several shades, the range includes a Clear Satin finish, which effectively allows you to seal your choice of wall colour with an invisible layer of protection. Exclusive to B & Q in-store and online, Rust-Oleum Anti-Germ Paint with SteriTouch® is the only option for protecting the home without compromising on appearance.

SteriTouch® is a leader in antimicrobial technology, developing bespoke solutions for customers from Mothercare to World Dryer. SteriTouch® is unique among antimicrobial providers in that it does not charge licensing fees for the use of its brand or place minimum order restrictions, enabling even the smallest start-up to benefit from its position in the market.

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