Men cut corners when it comes to decorating according to Frogtape survey

One in two blokes will botch a decorating job around the house this weekend a new study has found.

Researchers have revealed millions of men cut corners when it comes to DIY - and decorating seems to be the biggest bone of contention.

One in five men have been in such a rush to get the job done they have painted around shelves and not bothered to even remove pictures.

Staggeringly some Dad's even use their kids paint to touch up marks on the walls according to the poll of 2000 adults by FrogTape.

And 17 per cent of chaps will opt to paint over damp rather than fix the root of the problem.

Other faux pas include having bits left over after putting together flat-pack furniture without reading the instructions and not using spirit levels to put up shelves.

Not painting behind cupboards and not carpeting under furniture are also common shortcuts for DIY dunces up and down the country.

Yesterday Alan Murray, Head of Marketing, FrogTape said: ‘'Decorating doesn't come naturally to everyone and some men are bound to find it easier than others.

‘'Brits work very long hours and lead hectic lives so it's understandable why some people feel the need to cut corners to get the job done more quickly.

‘'Saying that, there is a difference between saving time and doing a botch job - there is no excuse for painting around furniture or using your kids paint to do touch ups.

‘'In the long run it does pay to do a job properly - a half-hearted attempt at decorating won't do your home any favours.''

The study also found that 54 per cent of men polled admitted they have previously ‘cut corners' when decorating.

Saving time or money were the main reasons for the half-done jobs although one quarter do it because they hate DIY and want to finish as quickly as possible. 

Worryingly, one in five men said they have 'no idea' about decorating so 'make it up as they go along'.

One in ten (11 per cent) admitted botching jobs because they are too proud to ask for help. And one in four said they could not afford to get help so botched it themselves instead.

One in five blokes have botched a job so badly, they had to call in outside help, it emerged.

The survey revealed that more women would attempt to paint a room than men and 61 per cent of women would have a go at wallpapering compared to only 55 per cent of men.

Fewer women were also less likely to botch a job than their male counterparts.

Nearly two thirds of men admitted they always have a bash at DIY even though they don't think they'll be very good.

Murray added: ‘'Investing a little time and effort to prepare and using the right equipment is key to any successful painting and decorating job.

''The poll found on average people spend only half an hour preparing before undertaking decorating.

‘'Using FrogTape to mask all relevant surfaces will ensure paint is kept out and lines are kept sharp.

‘'FrogTape makes it easy for even the novice decorator to get the job done properly first-time without the need for touch ups.''

Nearly two thirds of those polled said that the bleak economic climate had made them more likely to attempt jobs themselves rather than hiring a professional tradesman.

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