Garden lighting 'an eco-friendly choice'

As an increasing number of homeowners are spending more time in their gardens as the summer continues, now could be an ideal time to consider carrying out DIY in this part of their home, it has been suggested.

Writing in the Sunday Times, Katrina Burroughs reports that more people will be looking to take part in alfresco entertaining and enjoy barbecue-cooked meals.

However, for those wanting to sit down to an evening meal the publication states that garden lighting products should be purchased and installed.

Such reports could be of particular interest to those keen on carrying out eco DIY projects, as Ms Burroughs states that the technology used in this kind of lighting is constantly improving and becoming "more ingenious every year".

Home improvement enthusiasts keen on doing work in their garden were recently advised by Virgin Money to install security lighting in an effort to deter thieves from trying to enter their green space.

Furthermore, gates and fences should be kept in good condition.

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