Extending a flex

Summary: Learn how to connect and extend a flex.

If you want to extend a flex without unsightly adaptors, simply connect the existing flex to a length of new flex via a one-piece connector.

Connecting flex

  • Unscrew the connector cover and remove the brass terminals inside.
  • Prepare the flex for connection by stripping about 40mm (1 1/2in) from the outer PVC protective covering at the end of the flex using a sharp knife. Avoid cutting or nicking the insulation on the colour-coded cores and separate the colour-coded conductors.
  • The cores are connected to the flex connector by screw-down terminals. About 15mm (1/2in) of the colour-coded insulation needs to be stripped from each of the cores using wire strippers. With the coloured insulation removed, twist the strands of wire together.
  • Loosen the screws on the terminals.
  • Feed each core of the two lengths of flex into the terminals, ensuring that the brown core of one flex meets the brown core of the other; the blue core meets the other blue core; and the green-and-yellow meets green-and-yellow.
  • Tighten the terminal screws again.
  • To keep the flex in place at each end of the connector there is a plastic bar, or grip, secured by two screws. Take out the grip or swing it to one side and feed the flex underneath the grip. Re-tighten the grip screws.
  • Replace the connector's cover.

Replace and tighten the cord grip screws to secure the flex sheaths.

Author: C J Mills Google+